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  • 19.90

    Day to Day Gradual Tan

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    DAY TO DAY GRADUAL TAN is ideal for gradually building a light bronzed complexion for those with fair to medium skin tones.

    Day to Day contains anti-ageing Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Pro Vitamin B5 for rehydrating your skin whilst including a subtle element of self tan.

    This triple action lotion will absorb easily and will even out your natural skin tones or can also be used to maintain an existing tan by topping up your colour between self tan applications.

    Suitable for use all over the body including the facial area.

    Made from 100% natural DHA and is an odourless, paraben and alcohol free formulation.


    Content : 200ml

  • 6.00

    He-Shi glove


    Zorgt voor een optimaal gebruiksgemak en verzekert u van een vlekkeloos resultaat. Dankzij de speciale coating laag binnen in de handschoen blijven uw handen vlekkenloos schoon.

  • 17.90

    One Day Tan

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    HE-SHI ONE DAY TAN is a perfectly tinted wash-off bronzer that enhances your natural skin tones to give a flawless natural golden glow, whilst moisturising your skin throughout the day.

    The He-Shi One Day Tan is a refreshing, non-sticky and quick drying gel which contains a gentle uplifting fragrance.

    This bronzer does not contain any active tanning ingredients and can be washed off at the end of the day.

    Perfect for those one day occasions or as part of a regular beauty regime.

    Suitable for all skin types, can be used on the face and body and is a paraben and alcohol free formulation.

    He-Shi Youth Revive Opti Tan formulas include moisture lock technology for long lasting results, whilst rejuvenating your skin’s appearance to help fight the signs of ageing.

    Content : 150ml

  • 34.00

    Dark Foaming Mousse

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    Is een zelfbruinende bronzer die direct na het aanbrengen een donkerder teint oplevert. He-Shi Foaming Mousse is eenvoudig aan te brengen en wordt vanwege de ongelofelijk lichte structuur snel door de huid opgenomen. Aanbrengen met een He-Shi Tanning Mitt voor een vlekkeloos resultaat. Perfect voor degene die nieuw zijn met zelf bruiningsproducten. 92% van de Glamour lezeressen gaven aan dat Dark Foaming Mousse ideaal is voor beginners. Bevat 100% natuurlijke DHA, Glycerine om te hydrateren en Naturel Foaming Peptides om de huid te voeden. Parabeen en alcohol vrij.

    Inhoud : 150ml

  • 26.90

    Express Liquid Tan

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    Is een zelfbruiner die direct na het aanbrengen een zongebruinde teint geeft. He-Shi Express Liquid Tan is bijzonder sneldrogend dankzij de ultralichte samenstelling van de lotion. Breng de lotion aan met een He-Shi Tanning Mitt voor een vlekkeloos resultaat. Omdat je kunt zien waar de lotion is aangebracht, weet je zeker dat er geen strepen of vlekken ontstaan. Desgewenst kan de lotion opnieuw worden gebruikt voor een diepbruine teint. Bevat 100% natuurlijke DHA en Glycerine om de huid te hydrateren. Parabeen en alcohol vrij.

    Inhoud : 150ml

  • 32.00

    Rapid 1 Hour Liquid Tan


    HE-SHI 1 HOUR RAPID TAN with its unique time development accelerators, tans on contact giving an instant golden colour and will provide finished results within 60 minutes.

    With its quick drying and ‘see where it goes’ formula you can be confident of not developing streaks or patches.

    If desired, the liquid can be left on the skin for longer to achieve a deeper instant colour which will last up to 7 – 10 days.

    Suitable for use all over the body including the facial area.

    Made from 100% natural DHA and is an odourless, paraben free formulation with the addition of Pentavitin® for superior instant, long lasting moisturisation and Vitamin E for advanced anti-ageing properties.



    Natural DHA (active tanning ingredient). Our products are now more natural than ever.

    Pentavitin (Moisture lock tecnhology) for results lasting up to 10 days.

    Added primarily for its moisture retention, regulating and binding properties. Protects dry skin against symptoms such as brittleness, roughness, unevenness, faintness and itching

    Clinically proven – tests have shown that PENTAVITIN improved hydration of the skin by up to 40%



    Do not moisturise before use.

    Exfoliate before use and apply to clean, dry skin using a He-Shi Tanning Mitt for easy application and to protect the palms of your hands from staining.

    Smooth evenly onto face and body in sweeping movements, dressing after 2 minutes when the liquid is fully absorbed.

    Leave on the skin for 1 hour for a golden finish, 2 hours for a dark colour, or 3-4 hours for an ultra dark colour, and then shower.

    The longer you leave it on the skin, the darker your finished tan will be.

    You will be bronzed and beautiful for 7-10 days.

    Moisturise daily to prolong and revitalise your tan.


    He-Shi Tip: For best results use a He-Shi Tanning Mitt to ensure an ultra smooth finish. No streaks, no patches, just ‘quick and easy’ tanning.

  • 34.00

    Gold Foaming Mousse


    This foaming mousse is a self Tanner that will make you brown color 7 to 10 days.
    He-shi gold foaming mousse is easy to apply and is rapidly absorbed by the skin. He also has a ultra light & moisturizing texture.
    With the ‘ see where it goes “formula are you sure you no stripes or spots.
    With the He-shi tanning mitt (glove).

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    Content : 150ml

  • 24.50

    Face & Body Tanning Gel

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    Is a self Tanner that skin tans and dries quickly thanks to the incredibly light, smooth and moisturizing texture.
    Because of the formula “see where it goes” are you sure you no striped or blotchy results.
    Apply with a He-Shi Tanning Mitt for a flawless result. The gel can be reapplied for a extra deep color.
    Suitable for use all over the body, including the face.


    Contains: 100% natural DHA, Pro-vatamine B5 to the skin in perfect condition and Aloe Vera to hydrate. Paraben & alcohol free.


    Content: 150 ml

  • 31.90

    Overnight Ageless Tanning Balm


    HE-SHI OVERNIGHT AGELESS TANNING BALM is a luxurious, velvet, anti-ageing gradual tanner, which helps restore the skin’s youthful glow, by smoothing the skin’s surface and diffusing the appearance of lines and wrinkles when left overnight.

    The subtle tanning agents work with a blend of Millesis, Jojoba Protein and Hyaluronic Acid which together, boost the skin’s moisture and promotes elasticity, helping to prevent the signs of ageing and fatigue.

    Created using eco-friendly, sustainable methods, Brazilian Millesis is a pure, plant-derived active anti-ageing ingredient with powerful antioxidant properties. Stimulating the skin’s barrier and strengthening cell cohesion, it promotes rejuvenation of the dermis and epidermis for intense hydration and increased firmness.


    Content : 50ml